Tuesday Travel Tips ~ Learn Some Spanish!

¡Hola! ¡Bienvenidos a Martes Sugerencias de viajes! ¡Hoy es el momento para aprender un poco de español!

Hi!  Welcome to Tuesday Travel Tips!  Today it’s time to learn some Spanish!

When I travel, I like to learn a few basic phrases in the language spoken wherever I am going.  Being an English speaker, it is very easy to take for granted the fact that English is spoken throughout the world.  Throughout my travels, I have never had any major issues communicating.  Okay, sure, trying to read the menu, printed in German, at the Chinese restaurant near my building when I was living in Linz, Austria was an adventure, but then we were given the English copy of the menu and ordering became easy.

While I’ve never had any major problems, I have also seen how much a simple “thank you,” even when you butcher the pronunciation, in someone’s native language can do.  People will understand that you are not a native speaker, and they will appreciate your effort.  I have found that this is especially true in smaller cities and towns where there are fewer tourists.

I started studying Spanish in Middle School, or elementary school if you add learning colors and how to count, so visiting Spain was a wonderful opportunity for me to practice my Spanish.  Below you’ll find some key phrases and their Spanish translations!

English – Spanish

  • Hi/ Hello – Hola (oh-la)
  • Goodbye – Adios (ah-dee-os)
  • Please – Por Favor (Pour fah-Vor)
  • Thank You – Gracias (Grah-see-ahs)
  • You’re Welcome – De Nada (Dey Nah-dah)
  • I don’t speak Spanish – No hablo español. (No ah-blow ehs-pahn-yol)
  • Do you speak English – Habla inglés? (ah-blah ing-lace)
  • Where is: – Donde esta:  (Don-dey estah)
  • -the bathroom  -el baño  (el bahn-yo)
  • -the metro  -el metro
  • -the airport  -el aeropuerto (el arrow-pwertoh)
  • How much does this cost? – Cuanto cuesta?  (kwantoh kwestah)
  • In English – En inglés (en ing-lace)