G’day, Australia!

August’s country of the month is Australia! Did you guess it from the clues? Here’s some more information for some of yesterday’s clues.

1. The city named after the famous scientist is Darwin.

2. Australia was “discovered” (of course, indigenous people already lived there) by a Dutchman long before the English arrived.

3. The Looney Tunes character is Taz, the Tasmanian Devil.

5. The two animals featured on the crest are the kangaroo and the emu.

6. The largest living structure is the Great Barrier Reef.

Though Australia culture is largely based on British culture, modern Australia is home to the largest immigrant population in the world, with an estimate of over 25% of its citizens coming from other countries. It also has some of the most varied climates in the world, ranging from tropical forests to deserts to the snowy Australian Alps! This makes for some interesting multi-cultural cuisine, with a wide variety of local ingredients.

Over the next month, we’re going to explore the nation’s food, history, and culture, and we’ll give travel tips on all the best things to see and do. Have YOU been to Australia? Let us know your travel story in the comments!