Sweet Saturday: Battle of the Neenish Tarts

*Ding ding ding* Gather ’round, folks, for the ultimate fight for Aussie Sugar Supremacy! In the first corner, the traditional favorite, the Lemon Lacerator! [crowd cheers] And the the far corner, the newer version that’s gained quite a foothold in the hearts of the people, Ragin’ Raspberry! [crowd cheers again] Who’s YOUR favorite? Place your bets now!

Never had a Neenish tart? Cook your way through both the lemon and raspberry varieties, and let us know what you think!

After making both kinds, here are my notes:

-The mock cream used in the raspberry variety is essentially butter jello. I was expecting it to be more like cream, but if I had known in advance what the end consistency would be like, it might have been easier to work with.

-Though the raspberry recipe calls for butter at room temperature, I would recommend keeping it chilled until about 5 minutes before you use it. My room-temperature butter was too warm and ruined the cream, so I had to make it again.

-Make the icing a little stiffer than you think it needs to be, and use the thinnest layer you can – anything more will overpower the flavor of the tarts.

Got any tips for making them better? Think the wrong tart won? Let us know your favorite in the comments!


One thought on “Sweet Saturday: Battle of the Neenish Tarts

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