Tuesday Travel Tips ~ Getting to Australia

Hey everyone!  Sorry this post is a little late, the internet and I have not been getting along today.  My best tips on getting to Australia can be summed up pretty concisely.

  1. Keep an eye out for flight sales.  Getting to Australia can be very expensive, so keep an eye out for cheaper flights, or use airline rewards to help cut down on the cost of travel.
  2. Go for a longer period of time, and see multiple cities (or even hop over to New Zealand).  Australia is not somewhere you want to go for a short, or even week long, vacation.  I would recommend that your trip be no less than 10 days, and even longer if at all possible.
  3. Be prepared for a long flight.  The flight to get there is long.  You will easily spend 24+ hours traveling if you are leaving from the east coast.  That said, it is so worth it.  As soon as I got to Sydney I immediately forgot about the flight and began enjoying my time there.
  4. Get on Australia time as soon as possible.  I know that staying awake when you have already been up traveling is the last thing that anyone wants to do, but getting acclimated to the time change will make your trip so much more enjoyable and allow you to see significantly more than you would if you don’t force yourself to get used to the time difference.
  5. Remember that in the southern hemisphere the seasons are opposite.  When you leave the US for Australia in the summer, you will be arriving during their winter.  Of course, in some parts of the country that still isn’t terribly cold, but be prepared for it to be chilly (I believe it was in the 50’s in June) in Sydney.

Most importantly, Have Fun!!  Look for more tips about things to see and do, coming soon!


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