Viva Espana

The view of Barcelona from Gaudi park

The view of Barcelona from Gaudi park

And July’s country of the month is…Spain!

Spain has one of the richest, most vibrant cultures in the world. From the food to the music to the architecture, Spain embraces everything it does with passion and a flair for the dramatic. The nightlife is fantastic, the people are warm and inviting, and the art is beyond compare. Once you’ve been to Spain, you’ll never forget it – even the benches are artfully decorated. The buildings are graceful, the landscape is bright and colorful, and the cities have somehow managed to combine medieval structures with modern buildings into a beautiful, cohesive skyline. Spain is also a melting pot, and is heavily influenced by both its geography and history. Some of the world’s most famous and daring artists lived here, and their legacy is still very much alive today. But, of course, the best part of Spain is the food.

Inside one of the markets. Spiced nuts, dried fruits, and gourmet chocolates stretch endlessly in every direction.

The Spanish view of food is very different from that of Americans. Meals are treated with reverence: instead of our frenetic culture that gave rise to the prevalence of fast food, Spaniards view food as a sensual experience, and a chance to unwind and connect with friends and family. The French may be well-known for their love of food, but their scientific gastriques and consummes are no match for the artistry of the beautiful Spanish chocolate sculptures. A visit to any of the plentiful bakeries or markets will show the love  the Spanish feel for food: each flavor is celebrated and enhanced to perfection. The smell of the spices wafts through every street, and there are chocolate shops on every corner. Every dish is enjoyed at a relaxed pace, giving the patrons the chance to fully savor the experience. Be prepared for dinner to last for hours, and for dessert and drinks to continue far into the night.

In short, Spain is a feast for the senses, and its beauty will stay with you long after you’ve left.

...and so will some of its other art.

…and so will some of its other art.

Throughout the next month, we’re going to take a detailed look at the culture, history, destinations, language, and of course, food that makes Spain great. Vamos a Espana!


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